Finger Jurtta uses old green woodworking techniques to produces it´s yurt frames. First of all timber is selected and harvested from the surounding local forest. We use Finnish hard woods like birch, rowan and willow which grow very straight and tall in this part of northern europe. We use young saplings for the wall and roof poles and trees of bigger dimensions for crowns and door frames. Wall poles are debarked, steambent, seasoned, drilled and finally treated with linseed oil and tar before being tied together. Roof poles go through the same process but are straightened if necessary. Larger dimension wood is cleft into planks suitable for either steambending into crowns or door frame construction.

The yurt cover is tailor made to fit each specific yurt. Great care and attention to detail is given in order to produce a weather proof cover which fits snugly over its frame. We use 400gm2 coated poly/cotton canvas which has been treated to be water, fire and rot proof. This material gives the best breathability whilst also giving good protection against the elements. The canvas is natural cotton colour which gives good light penetration.

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